23-24 Sep 2019

 General.     A team of delegation comprised of BA-4642 Colonel Md Shahidul Islam, afwc, psc and BA -7628 Major Rashed Kamal, SUP, G, visited Vietnam from 23-24 September 2019 to attend the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for AAPTC AGM 2020. The visit was a successful one and a number of issues concerning the AAPTC AGM 2020 had been finalized.


 Location of the Conference.     The conference was held in Vietnam Peacekeeping Centre (VNPKC) location outside of Hanoi.


 Participants.   Apart from Bangladesh delegation, a large delegation from host Vietnam headed by Major General Hoang Kim Phung, Director, Vietnam department of Peace Keeper Operation (VNDPKO) attended the conference. In addition, a 02 (two) member delegation from GPOI headed by Mr. Stephen Takekoshi also attended the conference. The other member of the GPOI delegation was Joseph Almeira.


 Conduct of the Conference.    The conference started with an opening ceremony on the first day followed by intense discussion as per agenda concerning relevant aspects of the upcoming AGM. In day 2, the conference aimed at finalizing the details of the events, which was followed by a closing ceremony in the afternoon. The conference ended in the evening with the sight survey at hotel J. W. MARRIOTT.


Outcome of the Conference.   The conference went well as per the agenda and in the end, all the relevant details that would be necessary to conduct the AGM had been worked out. A draft Sequence of Events had been formulated where every details concerning opening and closing ceremony, keynote speaker and other speakers, topics for discussion and seminar for command and instructors group etc. had been decided upon. A copy of draft Sequence of Events is attached at annexure A. Time, space and resources details for the AGM had also been worked out. It was decided that Vietnam as the current chairman of AAPTC and host of AAPTC AGM 2020, will forwarded the invitations to all concerned while Bangladesh as the secretariat will render all possible support to Vietnam authority. AAPTC secretariat will provide the contact details of all members of AAPTC to Vietnam authority for the invitation purpose. GPOI will follow up the invitation with relevant countries for sponsoring. Other important issues were:


a.       AAPTC AGM 2020 Meeting Theme Recommendation.   Recommended theme for AAPTC AGM 2020 is - “Leading Change: Indo - Pacific Actions Supporting United Nations Action-for-Peace Initiative (A4P) Improving Performance in Peace Operations”.


b.       Final Planning Conference.   7-11 January 2020 (8-10 working) –tentative; to be held in VNPKC.


c.       Date of AGM.   06-10 April 2020 (7-10 working) - tentative.


d.       Venue for AGM.     Hotel J. W. Marriott, Hanoi, Vietnam.


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