AAPTC Workshop and Annual General Meeting 2015
Auckland, New Zealand
5-7 May 2015

aaptc 2015


‘Promoting Best Practices for Contemporary Peace Operations Training’

- Focus areas of training for Use of Force/ROE/’proactive patrolling’/night operations.

- Goal to building a capabilities directory of institutional expertise to develop ‘pool’ of knowledge and skills as well as calendar events and requirements for next 2 years.



Agenda for AGM AAPTC Annual Conference 2015

Administrative Instruction

Expected Participants

Articles of Association of Asia Pacific Peace Operations Training Centers (AAPTC)

AAPTC Frequently Asked Questions

AAPTC Workshop and Annual General Meeting 2015 Statement (Auckland, New Zealand, 5-7 May 2015)

Revised AAPTC Articles of Association 2015

Revised AAPTC Strategic Map 2015


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